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For the production of fur clothing brand exclusive Herman Shalumov used luxury fur super purchased at major North American and European fur auctions: North American Fur Auctions – NAFA (Canada), American Legend Auctions (U.S.), Finnish Fur Sales (Finland), Kopenhagen Fur Auctions (Denmark). In addition, the Russian fur Barguzin sable zakupatsya the Russian auction Soyuzpushnina. Fur Tanning is the two largest specialized European factories, which is a guarantee of better treatment of furs.

The largest selection of mink in Russia

Mink fur is used to sew clothes very different from classical to miniature fur coats jackets with unusual geometry of the silhouette. Mink is loved not only discerning buyers and designers all over the world. Noble and plastic high quality mink fur looks very refined and elegant. Herman Shalumov fashion house offers customers of North American mink coats brands NAFA ® MINK, BLACK NAFA ®, BLACKGLAMA ®, AMERICAN LEGEND ®, Scandinavian mink SAGA MINK ® SAGA FURS ® and KOPENGAGEN FUR ®. In order to realize the most extensive design options and provide you with choice and diversity, we are always available for the following types and colors of mink.

North American Fur norkiMeha

BLACKGLAMA® Black Cross NAFA Velour (крестовка черная)
BLACK NAFA® Sapphire Cross NAFA Velour (крестовка сапфир)
Pastel NAFA Velour (пастель) Iris NAFA Velour (ирис)
Sapphire NAFA Velour (сапфир) Violet NAFA Velour (фиолетовый)
White NAFA Velour (белый) Lavender NAFA Velour (лавандовый)
Dark Gold NAFA Velour (червонное золото) Pearl NAFA Velour (жемчужный)
Light Gold NAFA Velour (светлое золото) Blue Shadow NAFA (синяя тень)

 Mink fur ckandinavskoy

White SAGA mink (белый) Sapphire SAGA mink (сапфир)
Pastel SAGA mink (пастель) Brown Jaguar SAGA mink (ягуар коричневый)
Scan Black SAGA mink (скандинавский черный) Black Jaguar SAGA mink (ягуар черный)
Scan Brown SAGA mink (скандинавский коричневый) Crème (кремовый)
Scan Glow SAGA mink (скандинавский блеск) Caramel (карамель)
Mahogany (махагон) Cherry (вишня)
White Lemon SAGA mink (бело-лимонный)

Plucked and sheared mink fur Scandinavian

Pastel SAGA mink (пастель) Горький шоколад (тонированный)
Sapphire SAGA mink (сапфир) Зимняя вишня (тонированный)
Scan Black SAGA mink (скандинавский черный) Небесно голубой (тонированный)
White SAGA mink (белый) Светлый шоколад (тонированный)


Karakul is the elite long fur. This extremely warm and light fur is also one of the most beautiful natural materials used for the manufacture of clothing. Karakul coat, in addition to their excellent quality, always been a sign of wealth and high status.

In fur collections Herman Shalumov presented astrakhan coats and jackets from the Afghan and Asian astrakhan broadtail, as well as the most luxurious Namibian broadtail Swakara ®. The fur is bought on the Danish fur auction Kopenhagen Fur Auctions. A wide range of classic colors: Black (Black), Guligas (guligas), Copper (Cu), Sur (SUR), Platinum (Platinum), Antique (Antique), Golden Fleece (Golden Fleece) and others.

Sable fur

Elegant, refined, luxurious, royal – these are just some adjectives that can be called with respect to sable fur. Russian sable is not just a symbol of wealth and influence, he was also an integral part of Russian history. Prior to the XVIII century in Russia sable fur served the equivalent value of the goods and treated on a par with the money without having to none in quality and wearability. Particularly chic and showing his high position in society was, as they said, “carefree wear a money.” In our time, the image is printed on a sable Russian rubles, along with other recognizable image of Russia.

Today with sable fur most famous designers in the world. No international fur forum is complete without chic sable – sable fur is always in fashion.

The collections presented Herman Shalumov coats of fur Russian Barguzin sable and Canadian sable brand NAFA ® Northern. Sable by its nature has a great color, so the fur is used in natural color.

Ermine – royal fur

Ermine has always been and remains the most luxurious, rare and very expensive. Ermine fur has long served as a symbol of power and was inseparable from the royal mantle. Amazing soft ermine fur animal symbol made of one of the five senses – touch. Ermine fur coat is a true luxury.

Especially valuable and rare always been white ermine fur, living in the cold northern latitudes (Siberia, Canada). Frosts strengthen ermine and make it extraordinarily beautiful and well. Stoats living in a cold climate zone, shed before winter, after which the animals grows new beautiful white fur.

Ermine used to sew exclusive clothing and as trim. The skins are bought on the North American fur auction, brand NAFA ® Northern (wild furs).

Fur trim

In the modern fashion design widely used combination of several kinds of fur. For clothing Herman Shalumov as trim, various luxury fur: Russian Barguzin and Canadian sable, arctic fox, mink, coyote, wild cat, chinchilla and ermine. These furs are purchased at the fur auctions and receive special dressing, and, if necessary, color (toning) to achieve the perfect combination of color finishes with the main fur. Among the brands: North American NAFA ® Northern, Finnish SAGA Fox ® and SAGA FURS ®.

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