• 05.03.2013

Flagship boutique fashion house Herman Shalumov, located in the center of Moscow on the picturesque waterfront Savvinskaya, he will love and trend hunters and experienced connoisseurs “soft gold.” There are many reasons …

Upon entering the boutique, once you find yourself in the cozy atmosphere of the “Gallery”, which presents the author’s line of clothing designer Hermann Shalumova Pret-a-Porte de Lux fur. You can buy ready-made coat or make the personal order, and then the model of your choice will be specially sewn by your standards. Here, from the comfort of couches, you can see the unique antique library and a collection of old photographs, revealing the faces of the fashion of the last century.

The boutique is another hall – “Stash.” This is a very special private place, where a collection of rare furs for clothing Haute Couture. Here is consulting head of the fashion house designer Hermann Shalumov.

Herman Shalumov second boutique is located in the shopping center “eternal values” on the street. Vozdvizhenka where you can also buy ready-made fur coat or make the personal order.
We invite you to the personal boutiques Herman Shalumov and we are sure, you will find something special for yourself.

Address of registered shops:

1. Fur Salon at Novoslobodskaya

Novoslobodskaia 36

Daily from 10:00-21:00

Phone: +7 495 281 50 70


2. Moscow, Vozdviz 10 TC “Voyentorg”


Daily from 11:00 to 20:00

Phone: +7 495 281 50 70


3. Fur Salon at Mayakovskaya

Garden-Arc, 12

Daily from 10:00-21:00

Phone: +7 495 281 50 70


4. Opening soon! Fur Salon at the Sukharev

Garden-Spassky, 3

Daily from 10:00-21:00

Phone: +7 495 281 50 70

Also, you can order a personal assistant who will work with you on an individual selection of fur coats.

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